IL Health and Hazardous Substances Registry Code

November 10, 2016


Effective immediately, the Illinois Department of Public Health has made several changes to the Illinois Health and Hazardous Substances Registry Code (Part 840) as published in the September 23 Illinois Register beginning on page 13397. 

The first set of rule changes updates the Illinois State Cancer Registry (ISCR) to remove the manual reporting form as a method of reporting and to update codes for case findings to include ICD-10-CM Diagnosis or Procedure Codes.

The second set of rule changes focuses on the Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Reporting System (APORS), including reporting changes for infants and the required fields. It also removes requirements that hospitals distribute a copy to local health agencies.

Illinois State Cancer Registry

Hospitals must electronically submit reports of cancer incidences under Subpart B in the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) data exchange format, using the version set forth by the Registry under Section 840.20. Reports should include text documentation that is sufficient to support the diagnosis, stage and treatment. Reporting via paper format is no longer allowed.

Reporting requirements also were updated to include certain ICD-10-CM Diagnosis codes that should be included in the patient’s clinical record. See pages 13418-13421.

Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Reporting System

Several changes under Subpart C focus on the types of pregnancies that hospitals should report and how hospitals should report that information, including:

  • “Gestational age of less than 31 completed weeks” is now considered an adverse pregnancy outcome instead of “birth weight of less than 1,500 grams.”
  • Clarification in the positive toxicology section for any controlled substances excluding positive tests for cannabis or drugs administered during labor and delivery. The rule also
    adds a maternal admission to illicit drug use, other than cannabis.
  • ICD-10-CM Diagnosis codes have been updated on pages 13422-13424.
  • When hospitals report newborn infant cases to the Department, the following information has been modified:
    • The full name of the infant (first, middle, last) and full names of the birth mother and father must be included. The four-digit facility identification number no longer needs to be reported.
    • Reporting of any drugs the infant has been exposed to should exclude cannabis or drugs administered during labor and delivery.
    • In addition to current information on Hepatitis B vaccinations, the times of each immunization as well as type must now be included.
  • Hospitals are no longer required to submit a copy of this report to the local health department or health agency in the county where the infant resides.
  • Any reporting by clinical laboratories related to a newborn’s positive toxicology for controlled substances must include the newborn’s middle name.